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Win Tickets to Experience TRACES at Segerstrom Center

Think Cirque on steroids without the freaky makeup and costumes. That is the high energy show of TRACES, mixing high-risk street performance acrobatics with music, dance, skateboarding, and basketball to make a lasting theatrical experience.  Traces opens on February 28th, flipping tumbling and wowing OC audiences through March 4th.

TRACES, which has been called “a whole new kind of awe-inspiring theatre” is spectacularly anti-spectacle, relying instead on the fantastic abilities of the performers, individuals who appear to be nothing more than a group of friends, just as easygoing, affable and potentially clumsy as the guy next door – until they unleash 90 minutes of heart-stopping acrobatics and unbridled energy that leave audiences breathless and exhilarated. TRACES is the ultimate affirmation of life and a celebration of the particular talents of endearing young artists so eager to please that they literally jump through hoops for you.

Drama Momma and Segerstrom Center for the Arts are teaming up to give away a family four-pack of tickets to see this amazing show.  Enter a comment describing your favorite acrobatics, gymnastics memory of your experience with, to win. Winner will be picked on Saturday Feb 25th.


Tickets: Start at $15

600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone – (714) 556-2787

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  1. Since I have never done any type of acrobatics or gymnastics I will have to tell you a story about something pretty close to it. … My first “crush” was in gymnastics…she was amazing! At that time, the only thing I could think about was how beautiful she was…in 4th grade, talent really didnt matter too much I guess. ha ha… But when I turned 31 years old, I decided to get my parents VHS tapes and convert all of them to DVD’s for them for lasting memories. When I was going through them, I happen to stumble upon one VHS tape that had a talent show on it from Merlinda Elementry School when I was in 5th grade. One of the acts was my “crush” Jana Osterhout…I was suprised and excited to find it! I converted it, and then watched it over again and knowing what I know now and how tough it is to do crazy gymnastics, I had to keep watching it over and over again because I was amazing on how good she really was at the time. But like I said, what does a 4th grader know about anything at that time. ha ha… In closing, this type of stuff rocks! Good luck to everyone involved! Cheers!

  2. I remember as a child my parents took us to China, and we went to see a Beijing acrobatics show. There was this one scene where these two acrobats took the stage. One acrobat was on the ground and was responsible for handing the other acrobat chairs, and the other acrobat took the chairs and kept setting one chair on top of another chair on top of another chair. This was all done without a net! At the very end, he was doing a hand stand atop a single file stack of chairs that almost reached the vaulted ceiling of the auditorium (which must have been two or three stories high!). It so incredibly nerve-racking to see that Chinese man stack and stand on those chairs, without a net! The whole room must have been more nervous than the performer!

  3. My only gymnastics memory is when I was in elementary school being in a class with my 2 younger brothers. We had fun goofing around. Looking forward very much to seeing this show!

  4. My favorite acrobatic memory is probably watching a Cirque show. I want to see how Traces compares.

  5. In middle school phys ed my favorite time was always the days when we did gymnastics using the mini trampoline. Bounding toward the mini tramp, hitting it and launching into the air over the foam, and doing flips I’d never do anywhere else. It was amazing and I could have done it for hours. Even now while typing I feel my sternum rise and back take shape as if I’m to flip backwards in the air while Coach Gutshall stands by ready to catch us should we fall. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. As an avid fan of musicals, live performances, and sports, and after reading and watching numerous superb reviews about Traces, I cannot be more excited to go watch such a collaborative show combining all the things that I love most.
    Which brings me to my unique experience with “acrobatics”: playing indoor dodgeball… on trampolines! Dodgeball inside a gym is challenging in itself, but when trampolines are added to the mix, the difficulty was on a whole other level! I was excited to have this added dimension to the game, but soon found myself stumbling (instead of jumping) from trampoline to trampoline while trying to dodge opponents’ balls. Yet, it was still fun and memorable because the experience was shared amongst friends.

  7. Seeing the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in 1998 is still one of my favorite feats of acrobatic dancing. So fluid and strong!
    Traces sounds amazing. I look forward to seeing them

  8. The Peking Acobats (recently at Soka Performing Arts Center) amazed me with their incredible flexibility (fitting inside narrow tubes) and athleticism — soaring through the air through multiple rings and doing gymnastics on stacked chairs rising to the stage ceiling…without safety nets.

  9. I can’t wait to see this show..Sounds like a real treat for the family!

  10. As a kid, my family went to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Amazing feats of acrobatics on a basket ball court. They still amaze me with their smooth movements. So, I would love to take my family to Sports & Acrobatics merger in Traces!

  11. My mom made me take gymnastics as a kid and I was the most uncoordinated person in the class. My coach was so patient and taught me how to not fall on my face, and for that I’m very grateful!