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Traffic Parody of FROZEN’S ‘Let It Go’ Cracks Me Up

Gotta love the “Let It Go” phenomenon that has Disney’s FROZEN tune stuck on repeat in parents’ heads across the nation. This Cincinnati TV traffic guy’s no exception and graced viewers everywhere by singing an ode to his city’s winter traffic woes to the tune of “Let It Go”.
Bob Herzog Frozen Parody1 e1393082695875 Traffic Parody of FROZENS  Let It Go  Cracks Me UpEveryone’s got a little actor envy in them and TV newscasters are the best of the worst ;-)  Your day job’s pretty awesome, dude. Definitely, keep it.

“I played it for my kids last night…and my son, Sam, just looked at me and I think there was shame in his eyes.”

Parenting, theater and kids. Yep.

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