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April 28, 2012
by ESW
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The Million Dollar Quartet Holds its Value

The Tony Award-winning musical, MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is set on December 4, 1956, when an auspicious twist of fate brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley together for an impromptu jam session at the Sun Records … Continue reading

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How I Fell in Love

March 4, 2010 by ESW | 3 Comments

terrykinder 207x300 How I Fell in LoveI remember my very first theater experience. It was in my kindergarten year at Harbor View Elementary in Corona del Mar. We were doing a little play called Smokey and the Careless Campers and I remember coveting the role of Mrs. Blue Bird. I was so upset when Mary Ann Gillette got the part and I was given the consolation prize of Narrator. Mrs. Blue Bird had the cute lines and I was jealous.Well, after being consoled by my mom and a couple of Oreo cookies, I got to work on my role of Narrator and had a wonderful time. I still have very vivid memories of that day:  what I was wearing (my favorite light blue dress with the hidden pockets), standing on the downstage right corner of the set and looking out into the audience of school kids, teachers and parents. I remember the butterflies that set up camp in my tummy as I waited for the show to start, and how they magically faded away as the little play got rolling.  I got lost in a magical place called theater and fell in love.Theater does that to people. They fall in love with getting temporarily lost in a world different than their daily life. They fall in love with pulling on the psychological skins of different characters and becoming someone else for a little while. They fall in love with learning about themselves in the process of creating a character different from who they are in real life…and embracing the similarities that pop up during the exploration.

I’m a woman who loves theater. I started out as a little girl narrating the story of forest creatures and some careless campers.  Now I’m a mom who’s juggling a job & juice boxes, yet still wants to find time to enjoy some excellent theater with her friends and family.

Hang out with me and let’s enjoy the journey together.  I’m looking forward to sharing my theater experiences with you and reading your comments as you share some of your experiences with me. Together we’ll explore all the various theater groups Orange County has to offer:  school productions, community theater, professional playhouses, as well as the many talented Orange County residents who love to share their art with us and receive our love in return.

As Eve Harrington says in All About Eve,  “If there’s nothing else, there’s applause.  I’ve listened backstage to people applaud. It’s like…like waves of love coming over the footlights.”

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