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Sharing a memory of The Nutcracker at The Irvine Barclay

Nutcracker 2014 200x300 Sharing a memory of The Nutcracker at The Irvine BarclayTaking my tree climbing boy, who usually has rocks in his pockets and holes worn in his pants, to a ballet was bound to be an experience. The lights dimmed, the music swelled, the dancers began to spin a tale of a holiday party…..then a tap tap tap on my shoulder. My boy whispered, “Isn’t there any talking??” And thus began a boy’s first experience at the ballet. He moaned and groaned as the ballerinas lifted their party dolls in perfect unison. He tossed and turned in his seat in excruciating agony as the men in tights pirouetted at the party.

Then it happened. The fog rolled in as the party guests retired. Rodents with red beady eyes crept in and a fierce battle ensued between the mice and the toy soldiers. The boy perked up at the prospect of battle and if swords were used it couldn’t be all that bad.

Me? I marveled at the beauty of the dancers and the exquisite costumes. There’s something about ballerina pink tights and tutus that brings out the girlie girl in me. I was mesmerized by American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancer, Irina Dvorovenko, whose grace and femininity was intoxicating.

A little girl who sat near us would sneak into the aisle from time to time, to get a better look or to imitate the action onstage. Adorable. This Nutcracker is a lovely, non-stuffy introduction for kids to ballet. The Barclay Theatre is the perfect venue for an intimate theatrical experience where children can see all the action up close.

After the performance, as we walked to the parking garage my boy ran ahead and did a jaunty pirouette.


In cities around the world, The Nutcracker has become a Christmas holiday tradition, and the holidays are not complete without seeing The Nutcracker live. OC peeps can share in the tradition at the Irvine Barclay Theater starting December 12th.

This full-length, traditional production is choreographed and directed by Festival Ballet Theatre’s Artistic Director Salwa Rizkalla, and features a cast of professional dancers and more than 100 Southern California children.

Guest Artists:
Carla Korbes – Pacific Northwest Ballet
Fabrice Calmels – Joffrey Ballet
Friday, Dec 12 at 7pm
Saturday, Dec 13 at 2pm
Saturday, Dec 13 at 7pm
Sunday, Dec 14 at 1pm
Sunday, Dec 14 at 6pm

Irina Dvorovenko & Maxim Beloserkovsky – American Ballet Theatre
Wednesday, Dec 17 at 7pm
Thursday, Dec 18 at 7pm
Friday, Dec 19 at 7pm
Saturday, Dec 20 at 2pm
Saturday, Dec 20 at 7pm

Isabella Boylston & Sascha Radetsky – American Ballet Theatre
Sunday, Dec 21 at 1pm
Sunday, Dec 21 at 6pm
Monday, Dec 22 at 2pm
Tuesday, Dec 23 at 2pm
Wednesday, Dec 24 at 11am

Artists subject to change.

Tickets: $45 adults; $42 seniors; $40 children
For group discounts, please call the box office.

*Family Nights: Dec 17 & 18 at 7pm
Buy 4 or more adult tickets and automatically save. Each ticket: $35.



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