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Rob Cantor’s song “Shia LaBeouf” LIVE is Beautifully Creepy.

It’s Halloween season so here’s a gloriously bizarre performance piece for you. Read the back story, then enjoy.

L.A. songwriter, Rob Cantor, wrote the song in 2011 “inspired by nothing but the sheer silliness of imagining Shia LaBeouf, face and clothes smeared with half-dried blood, terrorizing helpless victims in a dark wood.” Cantor chose LaBeouf as his serial killer cannibal because, “his name, when whispered really intensely, just made me giggle.”

Cantor, a freelance musician and guitarist for the indie rock band Tally Hall, originally hoped Funny or Die would use the song in a video featuring the actual LaBeouf – that gig never materialized.

The song just sat in his hard drive for a year, then he posted it to his online portfolio where a fan of the band discovered it, tweeted about it and it just caught fire.

That was 2012. It went viral, became a crudely cut, but fun YouTube animated video:

Then THIS happened just this week. Cantor and LaBeouf must have collaborated to make this epic stage performance piece. Just watch. Your jaw will drop. WAY better than anything Funny or Die would dream up.


 I hope more Cantor/LaBeouf collaborations will be made in the future. 

I’ll be in the audience clapping madly.

Just. Like. LaBeouf.

Shia clapping Rob Cantors song Shia LaBeouf LIVE is Beautifully Creepy.

shia Rob Cantors song Shia LaBeouf LIVE is Beautifully Creepy.

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