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Pattinson Braves Press Tour for Cosmopolis

Robert Patrobert pattinson the daily show 300x193 Pattinson Braves Press Tour for Cosmopolis tinson’s much anticipated press tour began this week on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, over pints of ice cream and ‘girl’ talk, as Jon Stewart artfully danced around the subject on everyone’s mind.  How’s Robbie doing and what does he think about about the recent transgressions of the woman who shall not be named  and her Snow White and the Huntsman director? Yes, rumor has it that press tour rules forbid mentioning Kristen Stewart and her liaison with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.  What? Just talk about his new movie coming out?  How droll.

In his best Valley Girl impression J Stew consoled with an on the mark one liner throwaway, “Boy, you are better off.  Kick her to the curb. Whatever.”  HI-larious… and a perfect way to skirt the don’t ask, don’t tell rules for the “we are SO on a break” timing of Pattinson’s press tour for his new flick, Comopolis.  Pattinson just may have a new Stewart in his life in this budding bromance.


Whoever on Stewart’s staff came up with  the “let’s lament over a pint of ice cream” bit deserves the office Emmy.  Brilliant, even  if the execution stumbled with the ice cream melting into mush.  Heck, even old Hollywood knew not to film with real ice cream under all those studio lights.  Shirley Temple was given scoops of mashed potatoes on a cone for her on film adventures.

 Oh yeah, the film.  Cosmopolis. Opening Friday with high hopes for a box office hit, Cosmopolis is being touted by some as a possible masterpiece – a deeply perverse and somewhat pretentious one.   Me, after spending all day sitting at an office desk, it doesn’t sound very appealing to watch someone ride around in a limo to get a haircut whist the world crumbles….kinda claustrophobic.  But therein lies the rub. “While riding across Manhattan, the young billionaire’s day devolves into an odyssey with a cast of characters that start to tear his world apart”.   Intrigue much?  Will I shell out the bucks to go see it? Probably not, but I’ll look forward to watching it when it hits the home theater tour.

Anyways, it’s getting good advance reviews and I wish Robbie all the best in both his film career and personal odyssey of being famous in the land of movie making.

Here’s the trailer.   Onward.

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