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Open Auditions via Facebook for New Interactive Film: The Beauty Inside

There’s a new online project being filmed and the concept is a unique one. The protagonist has a condition where he wakes up every day as a different person.  It’s been happening ever since he could remember.    They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts but it’s kind of hard to count when no one can see what’s inside.

It’s an interactive social film, presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by Drake Doremus, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, and all of YOU. It’s Hollywood’s first film that gives the audience a chance to play the lead role. Audition Now at http://www.facebook.com/thebeautyinsidefilm/

Episodes come out every Thursday, starting August 16, 3pm PST /6pm EST and there will be 6 episodes total. The Beauty Inside is broken up into six weekly episodes interspersed with interactive storytelling that takes place on Alex’s Facebook timeline.   The online community can him questions and see how he answers back.

It’s a unique product placement concept, ultimately designed to sell laptops for Intel and Toshiba.  Where people now have the luxury of fast forwarding past all those pesky commercials on their favorite DVR’d tv shows, companies need to find new and interesting ways to engage their demographic. Intel and Toshiba may have have found it.  The interactive film project’s tagline is  “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Hmmm,  just like Intel.   Crazy…like a fox.

    Official Trailer

 Episode 1

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