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Neil Patrick Harris Debuts his Puppet Dreams (not a typo)

puppet Neil Patrick Harris Debuts his Puppet Dreams (not a typo)Is there anything Neil Patrick Harris can’t do?  Apparently not, for now the fresh faced actor who has already mastered a variety of off center roles: boy doctor, Doogie Houser, master womanizer, Barney Stinson, and my personal favorite:  Dr. Horrible of  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which made its primetime debut on the CW channel last month – has added yet another notch on his belt: working with and dreaming in puppets. Yep, dreaming in puppets. Go figure.

Today, the Nerdist Youtube channel has launched Neil’s Puppet Dreams, a campy and uh oh… racy web series produced by “Henson Alternative,” a division of the Jim Henson Company. Harris, a Muppets lover who confessed to Entertainment Weekly that he has a puppet workshop in his garage, dreams a simple fear: the fear of falling.  The first episode, “The Lullabye,” features three puppets—a goat, a beaver, and a rag doll —pacifying Harris with a lullaby containing lyrics like “Your insides could be outsides by the end of this dream” as he falls to his doom. Be forewarned:  this is no Muppets movie.  Future episodes will have themes of puppet sex (eww) and drag queens (hey, they need gigs, too) and lots of puppet Fbombs — so save this for when the kids are asleep. Seriously.

Buh-bonus video highlighting the series: Not for kids. Seriously.

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