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My youthful Interpretation of Phebe ala Diane Chambers

All hail Facebook and YouTube, where we can stumble upon a long lost performance caught on video and digitized by a smart theater techie. Behold! My one and only Shakespearean performance as Phebe in As You Like It at the Tempe Little Theater in 1987.  For me, it’s a lovely visit of a past life with good friends and my young love affair with theater.

This theater reviewer can turn the tables and self critique. Her cadence is pleasant, yet the rate is a bit too fast.  Shakespeare’s words

Join me in my reminiscence watching me rapt Shakespearean and enjoy my interpretation which is oddly similar to Diane Chambers in Cheers.

yet her Phebe and Silvius begin at the 1:04:20 mark and continues at the 1:30:24 mark

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