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George Clooney and Downton Abbey Team Up and it’s Wonderful

George Clooney Downton Abbey e1417710956558 300x158 George Clooney and Downton Abbey Team Up and its Wonderful

Clooney apparently agreed to appear in the piece after being asked by his good friend, Hugh Bonneville, who plays the Earl of Grantham. The two met while filming The Monuments Men. And I thought it was just because Clooney’s gorgeous new wife loves Downton Abbey. Whatever the reason, it’s our gain, so watch these tongue-in-cheek Downton Abby / George Clooney mashups for the win!

Must have more?
As you wish.

And I guess it’s for ITV’s Text Santa fundraiser, so there’s that. Haven’t checked it out yet…too busy hitting rewind and staring dreamily into Clooney’s eyes (although my favorite part is Thomas, the footman, stealing the silver).

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