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Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks Poster and Movie Trailer


Saving Mr. Banks Poster Disneys Saving Mr. Banks Poster and Movie TrailerThe official poster for the upcoming Disney movie Saving Mr. Banks is out. It’s a lovely poster showing Walt Disney and P.L. Travers walking, their shadows mystically transformed into their respective creations, Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins.  Mary Poppins was such a huge part of my childhood movie memories.  In August of 1964, Mary Poppins was the very first movie my mother took me to see.  I remember it vividly and remember crying at the movie’s end, when Mary Poppins flew away.  At 3 years old, I didn’t understand Mary Poppins wouldn’t stay with the Banks family forever.  She was there to save Mr. Banks.

As a thank you for reading this post, I’m giving you a treat – a little Easter Egg of sorts. 

Behold, the movie poster in one of its earlier versions*…clearly rejected, even though it might have captured the struggle of making the Mary Poppins movie!

Saving Mr. Banks Reject Poster Disneys Saving Mr. Banks Poster and Movie Trailer


*Purely satirical; not an official poster or even an official rejected poster. Duh.



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