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2013 Oscars!

oscar 2013 promo poster 02 2013 Oscars!

Official 2013 Oscar Promo Poster


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2013 Best Picture Nominations

I’m still processing thoughts on how I’d  vote for Best Picture.  I usually like voting for a movie with less CG and more ol’ fashioned movie making, a great story line with unexpected twists.

Argo seems to be the Academy’s favorite right now, with everyone swooning over poor Ben Affleck not getting a Best Director nomination, but I didn’t think it was all that great or even very suspenseful. People kept saying it was ‘edge of your seat’ and ‘I was holding my breath and forgot to breath it was so compelling’. Seriously? I kept thinking, Ben looks kinda odd with a full beard and why did he cast himself in this role? I never got lost in his performance. Great pains were taken to cast and costume the actors to look extremely close to their real life hostage counter parts…all except Ben and Tony Mendez. Weird. I would’ve had more respect for Affleck as a director if he’d cast someone like Javier Bardem, Joaquin Phoenix, Wilmer Valderrama or even Freddie Prinze, Jr as Mendez. I think that’s why he didn’t get a nom for Best Director. He made a selfish choice in casting himself in the lead role. There, I said it.

My vote is currently wavering between Les Miserables (my all-time favorite story, full of heart ache, redemption and patriotism) and Django Unchained - a fun ride with Spaghetti Western nuances laced with the ballsy quirkiness only Quentin Tarantino can bring to film – it’s a great movie making mash-up. The climax has such a blood bath it surpasses anything serious and becomes a hilarious juxtaposition of humor and gore. I love me some Tarantino.   Go figure.

Still need to go see Lincoln. Love, love, love Daniel Day-Lewis, who will no doubt win Best Actor.  Now that’s an actor who gets lost in his roles. Even in the trailers I only see Lincoln, not DDL.   Ben Affleck, take note.

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